"Road Force" Wheel Balancer

Hunter GSP 9700 Road Froce Wheel Balancer This computer wheel balancer is the latest breakthrough from the Hunter company. This balancer offers ultra-sensitive balancing of virtually any tire and rim combination. In addition it does rim runout measurment and a new technology called force matching. Simplified this will match the wheel and tire at the correct location to lessen the weight used and fine tune the balance for high performance and specialty applications.

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Benefits of
Perry Hall Auto and Tire Service's
“Three-In-One” Diagnostic
Repair Capability:

• They Can Solve Vibration Problems Balancers Can’t Fix - They detetct non-balance, radial-force-related problems associated with:
◦ Tire uniformity.
◦ Tire and rim runout.
◦ Wheel-to-balancer mounting error.
◦ Improper bead seating of tire to rim.

• Faster Troubleshooting & Repair - They quickly calculate the contributions of the rim and tire to radial vibration problems.

• Identifies Potential Vehicle Pull or Drift Problems - This feature of their equipment measures the lateral tire force, then applies that information to the set of tires, providing multiple placement choices to eliminate or minimize pull problems – an otherwise unfixable vehicle complaint during alignment service.

Dramatically Improves Ride Quality - They duplicate vibration measurement and tire/wheel matching methods previously used only by vehicle manufacturers to provide that “new car ride.”

Increases Wheel Service
The above establishes them as the vibration and handling control experts, thus greatly enabling Perry Hall Auto and Tire Service to service vehicles that other shops turn away.

Perry Hall Auto and Tire Service’s Road Force Measurement System® simulates a road test to identify radial force vibration and pull* problems.

Lack of tire uniformity is a common and often hidden source of vibration. As a tire rolls, it flexes as if it were made of springs. Vibration results when tire stiffness is not uniform

Non-contact runout measurement systems often provide inconsistent results and do not take into consideration the contribution of tire sidewalls to vibration problems.

Our wheel balancer slowly rotates the wheel automatically during measurement. It then calculates the contributions of the tire and the rim to the vibration problem and presents our technician with proper repair instructions.

Offering the same service as vehicle manufacturers, the equipment matches the stiffest area or high spot on the tire with the lowest spot on the rim to cancel vibration caused by radial force variation and provide the smoothest possible ride.

Lateral Force Measurement
and Balancing Technology

Solve Tire Pull Problems
That Alignment Service Can’t Fix

Tire-related pulls are caused by lateral forces in the tires. Lateral force is the amount of left or right pull force created as the tire rolls along the road. This condition may cause a vehicle to steer away from straight-ahead. These forces are primarily created by conicity and cannot be detected during standard balancing or alignment service.

Perry Hall Auto and Tire Service's special tire inflation station provides proper inflation pressure and automaticly indicates to our operator to ensure accurate testing.